Reunion 2012

Stonecoast Alumni Reunion July 12-15, 2012!

The plans for the July 2012 Reunion are well underway.We’re looking at possible presentations, seminars, and discussion topics for the Reunion. If you have a topic or if you’d like to be on a panel or volunteer to help the committee, please contact Erin.

The Reunion Committee includes:

  • Erin Underwood, chair
  • Libby Cudemore
  • Gro Flatebo
  • Leslie Heiser
  • Amy Martin
  • Matthew Quinn Martin
  • Ellen Meeropol
  • Mihku Paul-Anderson

Key Reunion Pages

2 responses to “Reunion 2012

  1. Don’t forget your fans on the faculty. Though, as you know, our spare time is short while we’re at the residency, if you would like to include any of us on your panels, etc., for any reason, don’t hesitate to give a yell and I’m sure whomever you need will try his or her best to fit something in. We miss you every residency and we cannot wait to see you for this all-important event!

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