Stonecoast MFA alumni have accomplished amazing things, winning awards, getting publications, and pioneering interesting new projects. This alumni list contains alumni who have self-identified to share their information with public. Also, be sure to add your information to the Stonecoast Community Directory, which will only be shared amongst community members (alumni, faculty, & students).

How do I get my name added to the Alumni Listing on the blog?
Each alumnus/a is invited to have his or her name added to the alumni list, including up to 2 links to sites that you would like to promote such as your website or URL. Contact Amy Martin to get your name added to the list.

Stonecoast MFA Alumni Listing:

Allison Hartman Adams | PF W’08

Amy Alvarez | P S’10

Cal Armistead | F W’07

Quenton Baker | P S’12

Elizabeth Tova Bailey | CNF S’15

Jennifer Marie Brissett | PF S ’11

Kristin Wiemer Bohnsack | PF W’11

Kathy Briccetti | CNF W’07

Liz Brown | CNF W’11

Amy Burroughs | CNF W’16

Libby Cudmore | PF/CNF S’10

Lauren M. Davis | P S’15

Jill Day | CNF W’12

Julie C. Day | PF S’12

Paula Treick DeBoard | F S’10

Nellie Dilger | PF W’11

Darcy Duda (Casey) | F S’19

Erin Enberg | F W’11

Gro Flatebo | CNF W’10

John Florio | F/PF S’07

Jeff Foltz | F S’04

Soyini Ayanna Forde | P W’11

Melody Fuller | CNF S’12

Christin Geall | CNF S’07

Kendall Giles | PF W’13

Terri Glass | P/CNF S’13

Florence Grende | CNF S’07

Susan Grier | CNF S’06

Nancy J. Hayden | F S’12

Rachel Hayden | F S’10

Tamra Higgins | P S’12

Gail Hovey | CNF S’11

Karen Jersild | F S’06

Veda Jones | F S’17

Malissa Kent | PF S’12

Corrie Kentner | P S’06

Alan King | P W’13

Jessica G. de Koninck | P W’11

Michael Dean Langworthy | CNF W’11

Andrea Lani | F W’14

Danielle Letourneau | PF S’15

Paige J. Levin | F S’10

Jason P. Libby | CNF W’07

Elliot N. Long | CNF S’10

Tom MacDonald | F W’09

Tara Mantel | F S’09

Amy Martin | CNF W’12

Ellen Meeropol | F W’06

Brandi Neal | CNF W’11

Mary Heather Noble | CNF, W’14

Anne Britting Oleson | P W’05

David Page | PF W’06

Mihku Paul | F S’10

Karen Pullen | PF S’08

J. Stephen Rhodes | P W ’11

Lisa Romeo | CNF S’08

Michaela Roessner-Herman | PF S’08

Sharon E. Ross | F/CNF S’07

Nikki A. Sambitsky | CNF W’18

Colin Sargent | F S’04

Julie L. Scharf (Martin) | CNF S’10

Catherine Schmitt | CNF W’12

Linda K. Sienkiewicz | F S’09

Bix Skahill | PF S’10

Michael Smith | F S’07

Kevin St. Jarre | PF S’10

Kara L. Storti | F S’06

Robert E. Stutts | PF S’10

Felicity Stone | CNF W’08

Lisa C. Taylor | P S’04

Erin Underwood | PF S’09

Tamra Wilson | F S’11

If you would like to include your information in this list, please send an email to Amy Martin and identify 1) your full name, 2) your graduation semester, 3) your graduation year, 4) your genre/concentration, and 5) your website URL and/or blog URL.

3 responses to “Alumni

  1. I suggest adding a “google+” button for the blog!

  2. Erin –
    The code is already built into WordPress. Check the (Settings | Sharing) options. Basic (but incomplete) instructions here:
    …also, check your email for a request to add me to this list.
    – Chris

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