Would you like to share publication announcements and other information with the Stonecoast community? If so, here’s all you have to do:

News and updates are posted at the beginning of each month. Send your news to Robert Stutts, and be sure to put in the subject line “August News” or “September News” or whichever future month in which you want your news to be published. Also, please include your name, your genre, and your graduation semester. Type your news as you want it to be printed in the news announcement, keeping the details brief. If you have a cover image (or another kind of image), please attach an image file to your message or include the URL for where it’s posted.

Do you have a post to submit to the Stonecoast Community Blog? Here’s what to do:

The Stonecoast Community Blog is the place to post your discussions on all things literary, reflections on being a Stonecoaster and reports on your doings and accomplishments. To submit a piece for publication on the blog, please contact one of the blog editors. At the moment, that is Erin Underwood, but we are looking for a permanent blog editor.