Got questions? We’ve got answers. Please see the information listed below to answer your Stonecoast related questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please send an email to the SCAA Secretary, Meredith Potter.

What is the SCAA?
The SCAA is the Stonecoast Alumni Association, which was formed to keep Stonecoast graduates professionally connected, sponsor alumni events, and raise the profile of Stonecoast alumni through net-working opportunities, tracking alumni publications and maintaining a presence within Stonecoast through collaborative activities at residencies and reunions. The SCAA is represented by a Board of Directors that is elected by the general alumni community according to the organization’s Charter.

FY 2013 Board of Directors

  • President: Matthew Martin – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013)
  • Vice President: Libby Cudmore – (8/1/2010-7/31/2012)
  • Treasurer: Mihku Paul – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013)
  • Secretary: Jessica DeKoninck – (8/1/2010-7/31/2012)
  • Director: Mike Langworthy – (8/2010-7/31/2012)
  • Director: Bunny Goodjohn – (8/1/2010-7/31/2012)
  • Director: Adam Gallardo – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013)
  • Director: Lynette James – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013)
  • Director: Erin Underwood PF S’09 – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013)

How are the SCAA Board of Directors elected?
The SCAA Board is voted on by the Stonecoast alumni body according to the terms of the SCAA Charter. Please see the Charter for election and governance details. Generally speaking, each position comes with a 2 year, staggered term to ensure that continuing members are in place to help train and guide new members through the Board’s processes. Elections are held prior to the July alumni meeting or at the July Alumni Meeting, and newly elected members begin their terms at the close of the Alumni Meeting.

How can I stay connected to Stonecoast after I graduate?
We currently have several options to keep in touch. The SCAA list-serve is a general information sharing group. You can become a member here:

Stonecoast Alumni Listserve
USM houses a private listserve for Stonecoast alumni and staff. This is the official communication medium between Stonecoast and alumni, between the SCAA and alumni, and between alumni and alum. While this list has generally been used for informational communications, it has also served as a social outlet for alumni to connection, network, and share information.

For more information on how to subscribe to the listserve or modify your account, please visit the page on Managing your Listserve Subscription.

Remember, if you signed up for the listserve using your student email account, you will stop receiving listserve email when your student account expires, which is shortly after graduation. If you change your email address, your listserve email will not follow you unless you update your address on the listserve. Please be sure to update your contact information for the listserve to continue receiving email.

Stonecoast Facebook Pages

Stonecoast Twitter Account
Follow Stonecoast via @StonecoastTweet. This Twitter account is used by Stonecoast and the SCAA. If you’d like to communicate about Stonecoast related info, posts about writing, notes about what you’re doing, etc., be sure to include the @StonecoastTweet and/or #Stonecoast in your Tweets so that everyone following StonecoastTweet can see them and we can reTweet your posts.

Stonecoast Community Blog
The Stonecoast Community Blog is the place to post your discussions on all things literary, reflections on being a Stonecoaster and reports on your doings and accomplishments. To submit a piece for publication on the blog, please contact one of the blog editors. At the moment, that is Erin Underwood, but we are looking for a permanent blog editor.

How do I get my name added to the Alumni Listing on the blog?
Each alumnus/a is invited to have his or her name added to the alumni list, including up to 2 links to sites that you would like to promote such as your website or URL. Contact Amy Martin to get your name added to the list.

How do I share publication announcements and other information with  the Stonecoast community?
News and Updates are posted at the beginning of each month. Send your news to Robert Stutts, and be sure to put in the subject line “August News” or “September News” or whichever future month in which you want your news to be published. Also, please include your name, your genre, and your graduation semester. Type your news as you want it to be printed in the news announcement, keeping the details brief. If you have a cover image (or another kind of image), please attach an image file to your message or include the URL for where it’s posted.