Managing your Subscription to the Stonecoast Alumni Listserve

We’ve had several questions from alumni who asked how to join the list or why they weren’t receiving emails any longer. So, we thought this was a good time to post an update. The text below is from USM and details how to add, modify or cancel your subscription. Please follow these steps to manage your account.Join the List

If you were receiving email at one time, but you’re no longer receiving it, we believe your current email address is not the email address that is registered for the Alumni Listserve. If you signed up using your student email address, you will need to update your email. Student email addresses expire a short time after graduation, which means the listserve is forwarding your email to an inactive account.

If you have any questions, please feel free to either post your questions below, email Erin Underwood, or email the USM listowner who’s address is listed at the bottom of this post.


The SC-ALUMNI-LIST mailing list is now running at This server runs L-Soft’s Listserv(R) software, which may be familiar to you from other mailing list subscriptions that you have.

A Note About Confirmations
With most actions (subscribing, unsubscribing, etc), Listserv will send you an email asking you to click on a link. This is to prevent unauthorized use of your email address. The link is called a confirmation “ticket” or “cookie.” No action will be taken until you click on the link to confirm.

Subscribing to the List
Subscription requests must by approved by the list owner. You may request to subscribe by using one of the following two methods:

Subscribing Via the Web
To subscribe to or leave SC-ALUMNI-LIST, click here: Fill in your email address and your name, and click “Join SC-ALUMNI-LIST” or “Leave SC-ALUMNI-LIST.” Further instructions will be sent to you by email.

To manage your settings (stop or start receiving postings, switch to Digest delivery, etc), click here: The first time you visit this site, you should “Get a Listserv Password for this server.” After you have a Listserv password, visit “Subscriber’s Corner.”

Subscribing Via Email
You can manage your subscriptions by sending email to In the BODY of the message, type any of the following commands:

To subscribe to the list:
(for example, SUB SC-ALUMNI-LIST Fred Rogers)

To unsubscribe:

To stop receiving mail for an indefinite period:

To begin receiving mail again:

To receive all of the day’s posts in one “digest” rather than receiving each one individually:

To post a message to the list for all subscribers to read, address your message to You may also use the longer format

Contacting the List Owners
The owners of this list can be reached by sending email to Remember that the list owner is a real person, and therefore may be a bit slower to respond than a computer!


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