Dispatches from the Desk: Please Don’t Lie

  by Libby Cudmore & Matthew Quinn Martin …hello all, your president and vice president here with our another of our semi-regular featured blog posts. Ah, autumn, where we are treated to hot apple cider and donuts, crunching leaves beneath our feet…and the annual reminder that a certain fellow writer in our circle has a …

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Stonecoast Faculty Member Nancy Holder blogs about community and how she stays connected to Alumni.

Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing Blog

By Nancy Holder

When I first started teaching at Stonecoast, I wondered if I would feel like part of a community, since I would only see the other faculty members and students twice a year. After having taught in the lit department at the University of California at San Diego, I figured I would miss the mingling—passing students in the halls and seeing them during office hours.

I did remind myself that I’ve worked for years with editors I’ve never met in person, and I’ve done a substantial amount of online teaching and never met any of those students. But I knew it would be different as a faculty member of an intensive low-residency program, where I would only see other Stonecoasters every January and July.

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Create your AWP Portfolio Page

I'm putting together portfolios to feature our alumni and faculty at AWP and other public gatherings in which we can showcase our collective work. If you'd like to be included in the portfolio, it's really easy. Each person gets ONE page in the portfolio, which will comprise a series of 3-ring binders arranged by Stonecoast …

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Community News & Updates October 2012

ALUMNI NEWS Jennifer Marie Brissett has had two stories published. "Clone" is in Ripped Genes: The Biopunk Special Issue of Morpheus Tales magazine and is available for the Kindle and other eBook formats as well as in paperback. Her story "Secrets of the Sea" is in The Future Fire magazine and it's available free online! Debbie Daughetee, aka …

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