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July 2012 Reunion Schedule

July 12-15 | Brunswick, ME

The Stonecoast Alumni Association presents the 2012 Alumni Reunion held at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. The reunion includes panel discussions, workshops, readings, and an opportunity to network with the talented writers of the Stonecoast MFA program. Written below is the schedule for the alumni reunion. You can also SCAA Reunion Brochure.


2-3:30 pm | Workshops* | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 127

3:30-5 pm | Reunion Registration, Welcome & Introduction | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 126

5-6 pm | How to Self-Promote and Still Have Time to Write | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 126

7-7:30 pm | Stonecoast Alumni Flash Reading with Erin Underwood, Lexa Hillyer, Morgan Callan Rogers, Christin Geall | The Inn at Brunswick Station, 4 Noble St, Brunswick, ME

7:30-8 pm | Stonecoast Guest Faculty Reading: Jeff VanderMeer | The Inn at Brunswick Station

8-10 pm | Stonecoast Alumni Mixer | The Inn at Brunswick Station


9:00-10:45 am | Workshops* | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 127

11 am-12 pm | Broaden Your Horizons: Panel Proposals, Community Readings and Collaborative Projects | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 126

1-2 pm | To Self-Publish, or Not to Self-Publish: That is the Question | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 126

2:15-3:15 pm | The Writer Beyond the Writing | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 126

3:30-4:30 pm | Now and Then and Then, Again: Time in Creative Nonfiction | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 126

4:30-5:30 pm | Alumni Discussion Open Forum | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 126

7-8:30 pm | Featured Stonecoast MFA Reader: Nahid Rachlin | The Inn at Brunswick Station


9-11 am | Workshops* | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 127

11 am-12 pm | Testing the Character of our Characters | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 126

1-2 pm | Life After and Life with an MFA: Careers and Jobs | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 126

2:15-3:15 | First Book Stories: From the Muse to the Marketplace | Bowdoin Searles Bldg, Rm 126

4:45-6:15 pm | Stonecoast Reception for Alumni & 2012 Graduates | Stone House

7-8 pm | Stonecoast MFA Graduation Ceremony | Freeport High School Performing Arts Center, 30 Holbrook St, Freeport, ME

8:00-11:00 | Graduation Reception & Dance | The Inn at Brunswick Station


10:30 am-12 pm | Alumni and Graduating Student Meeting | Stone House, Casco Room Porch

7-9 pm | Community Dinner** | Estes Lobster House, 1906 Harpswell Neck Road, South Harpswell, ME 04079.

*Workshops require pre-registration and additional payment to the SCAA.
**The Community Dinner requires onsite registration and additional payment to Stonecoast.

~   *   ~   *   ~


How to Self-Promote and Still Have Time to Write
Publishers and agents expect you to promote yourself. Being your own marketing director is a full-time job itself, but you can efficiently pare down the duties so you still have time to write. This panel will discuss options for self promotion, how to prioritize which options are best for you, and how create a ten-minute daily promotion plan.
Amy Martin CNF W’12 (m), Erin Underwood PF S’09

To Self-Publish, or Not to Self-Publish: That is the Question
In this digital age of publishing what route is the right one to take? What opportunities might we gain by skipping the traditional publishing track by going direct to self-publishing? What benefits might we lose? This panel will discuss self-publishing from a pragmatic standpoint and will invite the audience to share their own experiences.
Erin Underwood PF S’09 (m), Amy Martin CNF W’12, Kevin St. Jarre

Broaden Your Horizons: Panel Proposals, Community Readings and Collaborative Projects
Attending conventions and conferences for writers is a terrific way to network and connect with people in every layer of the publishing industry. However, there is a point when it’s time for you to participate on one of the featured panels. How do you turn a good discussion topic into a great panel submission? This presentation will discuss the ins and outs of preparing panel submissions and give you tips on volunteering to participate on conference panels where full panel proposals aren’t needed.
Mihku Paul-Anderson F S’10

Now and Then and Then, Again: Time in Creative Nonfiction
A craft-oriented session that looks at approaches to time in the memoir and creative nonfiction. Retrospection, chronology, personae, tense, flashbacks, and narrative distance will be explored using specific examples and exercises.
Christin Geall CNF S’07

First Book Stories: From the Muse to the Marketplace
We’ve all heard the horror stories about getting a first book published. Yes, it can be discouraging and daunting, but it’s not impossible. Four Stonecoast alums (a poet, an essayist, a crime fiction writer, and a literary novelist) share the realities and the surprises – good and bad – in their post-MFA experiences working with agents and finding a publisher for their work.
Ellen Meeropol F W’06 (m), Marcia Brown, Tom MacDonald F W’09, Penelope Schwartz Robinson

Testing the Character of our Characters
As students of writing, we often hear the admonition that our characters should surprise us, that if they don’t surprise us, they won’t surprise our readers either. But how do we create the conditions that allow our characters to surprise us? This seminar will postulate that one effective way to develop characters that surprise the writer is to insert them into morally ambiguous situations without the writer knowing what the outcome will be when the characters face them. We’ll examine poems and prose excerpts and participate in a writing exercise where we’ll encourage our characters to test themselves in order to illuminate who they really are and who they have the potential of becoming.
Jeff Kass F S’09

The Writer Beyond the Writing: What to do and How to be When You Aren’t at the Keyboard
You’ve spent untold months working on your manuscript, and years polishing your prose style. You’ve been mentored by the best. You’ve got a shelf full of books on craft, and a nicely framed MFA. The writing is where it needs to be…but what about you? Is there something holding your career back, something that goes beyond what’s on the page? Join our panel as we share tips to keep your MS out of the slush pile and strategies that will take you to the top of your game.
Libby Cudmore PF S’10 (m), Matthew Quinn Martin PF S’10, Lexa Hillyer P S’10

Life After and Life with an MFA: Careers and Jobs
The Stonecoast MFA has long advised students to regard the MFA as an opportunity to develop one’s talents and not as a vocational degree–like the PhD or MBA. Yet many students still expect to gain access to careers and positions not open to them prior to completing their degree. Are these expectations realistic? How can you make the best use of your new degree? What are SC graduates doing to support themselves?
Bruce Pratt F S’04 (m), Hank Garfield, Bunny Goodjohn, P W’07


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Summer Reunion Update — Accommodations in Brunswick, ME

The Reunion Committee did some research and identified some places to stay in the Brunswick area.

Inn at Brunswick Station
We have arranged for a block of 10 rooms at the Inn at Brunswick Station, a new hotel adjacent to Bowdoin College. This hotel is comparable to the Harraseeket Inn and has a large comfortable lobby and a tavern with outdoor seating. We have negotiated a reduced rate of $199 per night double occupancy but you must make your reservation before June 1. The phone number is 207-837-6565.
Mention the Stonecost MFA Block to get the special price. These rooms are “first come, first served.”

Check out the Midcoast Maine Chamber of Commerce website for links to websites below. This isn’t a recommended list, only a preliminary cut of what is available based on distance from Bowdoin College.

Bowdoin College

Orr’s Island Campground
Thomas Point Beach

Bed and Breakfasts
Black Lantern B&B in Topsham close to river
Brunswick Inn in Brunswick off the Village Green

Cottage Rentals
(Mere Point is a good option for a cottage rental, it is near Bowdoin
but still lovely)
Grace’s Place, Harpswell – about 10 miles out of Brunswick
Sea Escape Cottages Harpswell
Your Island Connection on Bailey Island — will have a number of listings

Captain Daniel Stone Inn (upscale near the river)
Harpswell Inn (near the lobster take-out place that has ended several
residencies about six miles from Bowdoin)
Parkwood Inn–Cooks Corner
Inn at Brunswick Station (see above)

These four hotels are far out on Bailey Island but offer wonderful views
Cooks Island View Motel (far and campy but great views)
Driftwood Inn (far and campy but great views)
Log Cabin Inn
Bailey Island Motel (far but beautiful)

These 3 hotels are on the busy street on the way into Brunswick
Knight’s Inn (formerly the Maineline Hotel)
Traveler’s Inn
America’s Best Value Inn
Comfort Inn
Fairfield Inn

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Accepting Alumni Flash Reading Submissions

As part of the 2012 Stonecoast Alumni Reunion, the alumni have been invited to showcase four recently published alumni at a Stonecoast Residency flash reading with guest faculty member Jeff VanderMeer.  The reading is Thursday, July 12, 2012.*

The readings must have been published in 2011 or 2012 and must be limited to 5-7 minutes.  If you are planning to read from a longer piece, please highlight the text that you plan to read. The Alumni Flash Reading committee will be reading submissions until May 1st.

~ 5 Minute Flash ~

Please indicate the following on the top of your submission:

  • Name
  • Residency/Year of graduation
  • Genre
  • Title(s)
  • Year/Month/Place of Publication (no self-publication/vanity presses/personal blogs, please)

Please attach as a .doc or .rtf and indicate SUBMISSION/NAME/TITLE in the subject line. Send all submissions to before May 1st, 2012.

We’re looking forward to reading work from all of our distinguished alumni!

All the best,
The Stonecoast Alumni Reading Committee

*Please note that the July Stonecoast Residency Schedule is still being constructed and is therefore subject to change. If the timing or the date changes, we will notify you immediately.

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AWP Mixer: March 1st 5:30-6:30 pm

Stonecoasters promise to be thick on the ground at AWP* Rather than spend precious networking/reading/ drinking/visiting/filling-up-of-book-bag time hunting them down, why not meet up at the Stonecoast Mixer?

When: 5:30-6:30pm Thursday March 1st
Where : 720 South Bar and Grill (Hilton Chicago)

Who might you meet ?

Annie Finch
Barbara Greenbaum
Barbara P. Green
Christin Geall
Cynthia Krack
Ellen Meeropol
Elliot Long
Eric Bosarge
Felicity Stone¶
Jeff Kass
Josh Davis
Judith Podell¶
Judy Jones¶
Kristin LaTour¶
Libby Cudmore
Matthew Quinn Martin
Mikhu Paul
Renee Olander
Robin Talbot
Susan Lilly
Susan MacLean¶
Teresa Scollon
and various other faculty, alumni, and current students wearing cunning disguises.

Remember, you can always leave messages for fellow Stonecoasters at the USM/Stonecoast table while eating your body weight in chocolate pebbles.

* if you are on a panel or giving a reading, please let Mihku Paul know ( so she can include details in the AWP Stonecoast Schedule.

Have fun!

Bunny Goodjohn P07
Interim President SCAA

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July 2012 Stonecoast MFA Alumni Reunion Announced

The Stonecoast Alumni Association is organizing the first major reunion for our alumni in all genres: Creative NonFiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Popular Fiction. It’s scheduled to take place in July 2012. More details will be coming. However, here’s the general schedule that we’re looking at for the reunion.

July 2012 Stonecoast MFA Alumni Reunion Schedule: 
July 12 (Thursday)
Noon-3:00 registration (i.e. picking up your name badge, checking in with the SCAA at Bowdoin)
3:00 Alumni Reunion activities begin
Evening activities with Stonecoast

July 13 (Friday)
Morning Alumni Reunion activities
Afternoon Alumni Reunion activities
Evening activities with Stonecoast

July 14 (Saturday)
Morning Reunion activities
Afternoon on your own or more reunion activities
Graduation & Celebration

July 15 (Sunday)
Morning Alumni Meeting
Afternoon on your own
(Join the Stonecoast Community Dinner)

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