AWP Mixer: March 1st 5:30-6:30 pm

Stonecoasters promise to be thick on the ground at AWP* Rather than spend precious networking/reading/ drinking/visiting/filling-up-of-book-bag time hunting them down, why not meet up at the Stonecoast Mixer?

When: 5:30-6:30pm Thursday March 1st
Where : 720 South Bar and Grill (Hilton Chicago)

Who might you meet ?

Annie Finch
Barbara Greenbaum
Barbara P. Green
Christin Geall
Cynthia Krack
Ellen Meeropol
Elliot Long
Eric Bosarge
Felicity Stone¶
Jeff Kass
Josh Davis
Judith Podell¶
Judy Jones¶
Kristin LaTour¶
Libby Cudmore
Matthew Quinn Martin
Mikhu Paul
Renee Olander
Robin Talbot
Susan Lilly
Susan MacLean¶
Teresa Scollon
and various other faculty, alumni, and current students wearing cunning disguises.

Remember, you can always leave messages for fellow Stonecoasters at the USM/Stonecoast table while eating your body weight in chocolate pebbles.

* if you are on a panel or giving a reading, please let Mihku Paul know ( so she can include details in the AWP Stonecoast Schedule.

Have fun!

Bunny Goodjohn P07
Interim President SCAA


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