Publication Announcement: Pop Fic Review

Title: Pop Fic Review Editors: Hanna Strom-Martin W'09 & Erin Underwood S'09 Publisher: Underwords (December 2001) Stonecoast Contributors: Karen Bovenmyer, Elsa Colón, Libby Cudmore, Jessica de Koninck, Julia Gay, Nancy Holder, Jeff Kass, James Patrick Kelly, Michael Kimball, Paul Kirsch, A. J. Luxton, Julie L. Martin, Matthew Quinn Martin, J. M. McDermott, Sandra McDonald, Ellen …

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July 2012 Stonecoast MFA Alumni Reunion Announced

The Stonecoast Alumni Association is organizing the first major reunion for our alumni in all genres: Creative NonFiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Popular Fiction. It's scheduled to take place in July 2012. More details will be coming. However, here's the general schedule that we're looking at for the reunion. July 2012 Stonecoast MFA Alumni Reunion Schedule:  …

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