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Publication Announcement: Pop Fic Review

Title: Pop Fic Review

Editors: Hanna Strom-Martin W’09 & Erin Underwood S’09

Publisher: Underwords (December 2001)

Stonecoast Contributors: Karen Bovenmyer, Elsa Colón, Libby Cudmore, Jessica de Koninck, Julia Gay, Nancy Holder, Jeff Kass, James Patrick Kelly, Michael Kimball, Paul Kirsch, A. J. Luxton, Julie L. Martin, Matthew Quinn Martin, J. M. McDermott, Sandra McDonald, Ellen Neuborne, Helen Peppe, Michaela Roessner, Linda K. Sienkiewicz, Patricia Smith, and Scott Wolven

Anthology Description: The Pop Fic Review confronts the definition of popular fiction with literature written by 21 authors from the Stonecoast MFA community who will entertain, shock, and delight you. Fiction writers, essayists, playwrights, and poets come together in their own unique ways to express what it means to be “pop” in this cross-genre anthology that is not to be missed. While the editors and contributors of the Pop Fic Review are all members of the Stonecoast community (including current students, alumni, and faculty), this anthology is an independent publication with no official affiliation with the Stonecoast Program or the University of Southern Maine.

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Stonecoast Community Publication Announcements

We’ve created a form for Stonecoast Community members to submit their publications for announcement as a blog post. You can either fill out the form on this post or you can go to the menu above and click on Publication Announcements and fill out the same form there.

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July 2012 Stonecoast MFA Alumni Reunion Announced

The Stonecoast Alumni Association is organizing the first major reunion for our alumni in all genres: Creative NonFiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Popular Fiction. It’s scheduled to take place in July 2012. More details will be coming. However, here’s the general schedule that we’re looking at for the reunion.

July 2012 Stonecoast MFA Alumni Reunion Schedule: 
July 12 (Thursday)
Noon-3:00 registration (i.e. picking up your name badge, checking in with the SCAA at Bowdoin)
3:00 Alumni Reunion activities begin
Evening activities with Stonecoast

July 13 (Friday)
Morning Alumni Reunion activities
Afternoon Alumni Reunion activities
Evening activities with Stonecoast

July 14 (Saturday)
Morning Reunion activities
Afternoon on your own or more reunion activities
Graduation & Celebration

July 15 (Sunday)
Morning Alumni Meeting
Afternoon on your own
(Join the Stonecoast Community Dinner)

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