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Take the Post MFA Experience Survey

Written by Matt Switliski.

As I’d mentioned in a prior post here on the Stonecoast Community Blog, I had a massive crisis of confidence combined with a debilitating case of writer’s block a year after graduation. And at the reunion I’d discovered I wasn’t alone in feeling that way. Pat Barletta and I talked about this in detail, wishing that someone had warned us about this possibility.

Cue light bulb.

We discussed this with Annie and she suggested a presentation on the post-MFA blues could be useful to students preparing to finish their formal Stonecoast experience. We’ve been preparing over the past few months for our presentation at the coming January 2013 residency, doing some research, expanding our scope to include the malaise some people feel between residencies. We’ve got some good info.

But we need more. And we’re hoping the Stonecoast alumni can help.

Pat and I—but really, she deserves most of the credit here—put together a short survey about students’ experiences following graduation. The survey includes ten questions, mostly multiple choice, aimed at understanding how other people felt upon earning the MFA degree.

If you have a few minutes, please follow the link and fill out the survey. All responses are anonymous, and you’d be doing a big favor to the Stonecoast community. It’s our hope that others will discuss this topic at future residencies—people sharing their experiences and their ways of coping.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Community News & Updates November 2012


Jennifer Marie Brissett (Popular Fiction) published her essay “The Eleusinian Mysteries of Octavia E. Butler: The Mother-Daughter Struggle in Parable of the Talents” under a Creative Commons license. She withdrew the essay from publication at Strange Horizons; to find out why, read here.

Acquainted with the Cold by Lexa Hillyer (Poetry, S’10) comes out tomorrow (November 2, 2012) from Bona Fide Books, and one of her poems will appear in Best New Poets 2012, due out near the end of November.

Tom MacDonald (Fiction, W’09) will teach a Creative Writing class at Boston College starting in January 2013. His second novel (working title: Beyond the Bridge) will be published August 7, 2013.

Gina Troisi‘s (Creative Nonfiction, W’09) essay “Wrapped Up in Skin, Hidden Behind Eyes” received an Honorable Mention for the 2012 Gulf Coast Prize in Nonfiction; this same essay was a finalist for the 2012 Iowa Review Award in Creative Nonfiction. Her essay “Where the Ocean and Sky Divide” was a finalist for Bellingham Review‘s Annie Dillard Award for Creative Nonfiction. These pieces are both excerpts from her memoir, Shadows on the Sidewalk, which was recently a finalist for the 2012 Autumn House Press Nonfiction Prize and for SouthWest Writers Association’s Annual Competition.

Mihku Paul has had four poems included in the anthology I Was Indian (Vol. II) from Foothills Publishing, edited by Susan Deer Cloud: “Amerindia,” “Solstice,” “Undertow,” and “Bright Colors from the Earth and Sky.” On December 2nd, she’ll read from her newly released book of poetry, 20th Century PowWow Playland, at Gulf of Maine Books in Brunswick (for more information, please check Gulf of Maine’s blog or Facebook page, or give them a call at 207-729-5083).


Ed Ferrara (Popular Fiction) has a short story titled “Gig Marks” in the newly released anthology Lucha Gore: Scares from the Squared Circle from Cruentus Libri Press.

Trevor Gulley (Popular Fiction) and a couple other Pop Fiction students (Alex Jackson, specifically) launched Hardcore Droid, a review website for Android games, in October.

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