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July 2013 SCAA Board Elections

The Alumni Meeting that is held in conjunction with the July residency has been scheduled for Sunday, July 21 at the Stone House. The details are listed below.  The meeting will also include a live election to fill the open spots on the SCAA Board that were left open after then online elections. The details for the election are listed below.

If you would like to run for any of these positions even though you won’t be attending the July meeting, please send Erin Underwood an email at erin.m.underwood (at) I will send a confirmation to you that I have received your email. If you don’t receive a confirmation, that means that I haven’t received your email for some reason. All nominations must be received by July 19, 2013. Nominations may be made in person at the Alumni Meeting.

If you have any questions about the meeting or the elections, please feel free to ask.


  • Meeting:  SCAA Alumni and Graduating Student Meeting
  • Location:  Stone House
  • Date:  Sunday, July 21st
  • Time:  10:00 am


In addition to the normal agenda items for the July Alumni & Graduating Student Meeting, we also need to hold onsite/live electionsto fill the opening that didn’t fill during the online elections this year.  As a reminder two of the Director positions were filled but a variety of other positions were left open. Plus, one additional Director decided to step down. Listed below are the 1) current open positions, 2) the two new Board members, 3) the continuing Board members, 4) a full listing of the Board positions with associated new/continuing member names and open positions, and 5) a listing of the outgoing members.


  • President (2 years)
  • Vice President (1 year)
  • Treasurer (2 years) — MUST BE A RESIDENT OF MAINE
  • 1 Director (2 year)
  • 1 Director (1 year)


  • Director: Patricia Barletta (July 2013-July 2015)
  • Director: Kathleen Saville  (July 2013-July 2015)


  • Secretary: Jessica De Koninck
  • Director: Adam Kreutz Gallardo PF S’12


  • President — 2 years — July 2013-July 2015
  • Vice President — 1 year — (July 2013-July 2014)
  • Secretary: Jessica De Koninck – (July 2012-July 2014)
  • Treasurer—MUST BE A RESIDENT OF MAINE — 2 years — July 2013-July 2015
  • 5 Directors:
    • Adam Kreutz Gallardo PF S’12 – (July 2012-July 2014)
    • Patricia Barletta (July 2013-July 2015)
    • Kathleen Saville  (July 2013-July 2015)
    • Director — 2 years — (July 2013-July 2015)
    • Director — 1 year — (July 2013-July 2014)


Outgoing Board Members:

Special 1-Year Term to fill Vacancies July 2013-July 2014:

  • Vice President: Libby Cudmore PF S’10
  • Director:  Lynnette James PF S’12

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SCAA Board Nominations and Election Schedule

SCAA Elections are coming! If you really want to make a difference for Stonecoast MFA and its alumni, this is your chance. The open positions and election schedule are listed below. You will also find nomination instructions as well. If you have any questions, please email Erin Underwood.


  • President (2 years)
  • Vice President (1 year)
  • Treasurer (2 years) — MUST BE A RESIDENT OF MAINE
  • 3 Directors (2 years)
Outgoing Board Members:
  • President: Matthew Quinn Martin PF S’10 – (8/1/2012-7/31/2013) 
  • Treasurer: Mihku Paul – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013)
  • Director: Bunny Goodjohn  – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013)
  • Director: Mike Langworthy CNF W’11 – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013) 
  • Director: Erin Underwood PF S’09 – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013)
Special 1-Year Term to fill Vacancy from 8/1/13-7/31/2014:
  • Vice President: Libby Cudmore PF S’10 – (8/1/2012-7/31/2014)
Continuing Board Members:
  • Secretary: Jessica De Koninck – (8/1/2012-7/31/2014)
  • Director:  Lynnette James PF S’12 – (8/2012-7/31/2014)
  • Director: Adam Kreutz Gallardo PF S’12 – (8/1/2012-7/31/2014)


April 15-30, 2013 — Nominations open. You may either nominate someone else or yourself.

May 1, 2013 — SCAA contacts nominees to confirm that they are willing to run for the Board
May 15, 2013 — Nominees must confirm to the SCAA that they are willing to run for election
June 1, 2013 — Nominee statements due (100 words max)
June 9-15, 2013 — Online Elections are conducted
June 16, 2013 — Election results are announced
July 21, 2013 — Newly elected Board members begin their terms on 8/1/2013 and are encouraged to attend the Stonecoast Alumni Meeting in Maine


If you are an alumnus/a of Stonecoast MFA or you are a 4th semester student who will be receiving his/her MFA degree in July, you are eligible to serve on the SCAA Board. Anyone who meets either of these requirements can be nominated to for an open position on the SCAA Board.
All nominations must include the following information:
  • Nominator’s Name:
  • Nominee’s Information:
    • Name:
    • Graduation Semester & Year:
    • Email:
    • Position:
Email your nominations to Erin Underwood by April 30th. All nominations will receive an acknowledgement email. if you don’t receive an acknowledgement, your nomination may not have been received.


What is the SCAA?
The SCAA is the Stonecoast Alumni Association, which was formed to keep Stonecoast graduates professionally connected, sponsor alumni events, and raise the profile of Stonecoast alumni through net-working opportunities, tracking alumni publications and maintaining a presence within Stonecoast through collaborative activities at residencies and reunions. The SCAA is represented by a Board of Directors that is elected by the general alumni community according to the organization’s Charter.

How are the SCAA Board of Directors elected?

The SCAA Board is voted on by the Stonecoast alumni body according to the terms of the SCAA Charter. Please see the Charter for election and governance details. Generally speaking, each position comes with a 2 year, staggered term to ensure that continuing members are in place to help train and guide new members through the Board’s processes.Elections are held prior to the July alumni meeting or at the July Alumni Meeting, and newly elected members begin their terms at the close of the Alumni Meeting.


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2013 Board of Directors

Alumni—old and new—and fellow Board Members—past and present: I am so pleased for the opportunity to say a huge thank you to you all for your support over the past year, a year that closed with a brilliant reunion in Maine. Since taking over as Interim President in January, I’ve learned quickly how important a role the Alumni Board play in creating the community of writers we first begin to talk about during our initial residencies at the Stone House. The amount of work done by such a small committee is truly astounding, and I thank everyone concerned. You know who you are!

On Sunday at the close of the reunion, the Board held its bi-annual meeting to which all Alumni were invited and to which a handful of old and new Alumni came! The meeting culminated with elections, and it therefore gives me great pleasure to announce the new Board effective as of August 1st.

FY 2013 Board of Directors

  • President: Matthew Quinn Martin PF S’10 – (8/1/2012-7/31/2013) fill remaining term*
  • Vice President: Libby Cudmore PF S’10 – (8/1/2012-7/31/2014)
  • Treasurer: Mihku Paul – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013)
  • Secretary: Jessica De Koninck – (8/1/2012-7/31/2014)
  • Director:  Lynnette James PF S’12 – (8/2012-7/31/2014)
  • Director: Adam Kreutz Gallardo PF S’12 – (8/1/2012-7/31/2014)
  • Director: to be confirmed
  • Director: Bunny Goodjohn  – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013) fill remaining term
  • Director: Erin Underwood PF S’09 – (8/1/2011-7/31/2013)

* Matthew was elected to fill the President position I vacated having reached the end of my two-year elected position as Vice President (I stepped in as Interim President in January 2012). Hence Matthew’s Presidency is a one-year position, and nominations for a successor will be sought in the usual manner mid-2013.

** The board nominated a member of the alumni community for this position and is waiting on  confirmation of acceptance.

It has been a pleasure to serve the community in my role as Vice President and President and I remain in position (!) until the end of July. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Bunny Goodjohn P W’07

Stonecoast SCAA ListServ

Friends of Stonecoast MFA on Facebook

Stonecoast Community Blog

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Nominate & Vote: SCAA Elections

Elections for the Stonecoast Alumni Association Board are only a few months away. If you’d like to be a part of this energetic creative group of alumni, please consider running for one of the open positions listed below.

Open SCAA Board Positions:

  • President (8/1/2012-7/31/2013) — filling the remaining year for this term
  • Vice President (8/1/2012-7/31/2014)
  • Secretary (8/1/2012-7/31/2014)
  • Director (8/2012-7/31/2014)
  • Director (8/1/2012-7/31/2014)

Draft Election Schedule:

  • May 1  –  Official Elections Announcement Emailed to Listserve
  • May 15  –  Nominations Open
  • June 1  –  Nominations End
  • June 5  –  Nomination Statements are Due From Candidates
  • June 10  –  Email Candidate Statements to Listserve
  • June 19  –  Email Ballot to Listserve
  • June 20   – Voting Begins
  • June 30  –  Voting Ends
  • July 1  –  Results are Announced
  • July 15  –  New Board Terms Begin/Outgoing Terms End

More information about the elections will be coming soon to the Stonecoast Community Blog and to the Alumni Listserve. You can also check the FAQ page for additional details.

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