Community News & Updates July 2021

ALUMS  Darcie Abbene (Fiction, S’21) was a finalist for the Vermont Writer’s Prize for her essay “Reverse-os.” Darcie has spent the last few months writing book reviews for Kirkus Reviews, Necessary Fiction, and Split Rock Review. Her braided essay “Brave” is forthcoming in the summer issue of Whitefish Review. Jill Abbott (Popular Fiction, S’04) will be presenting at …

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Community News & Updates March 2021

ANNOUNCEMENTS This year, Stonecoast is thrilled to be launching two bi-monthly series: The Stonecoast WISE Series, which kicked off at the January residency with "The Rhetoric of Rage"---a Task Before Us event where Stonecoast faculty, alumni, and guests discussed the use of rage in writing to fight oppression---continues this March with a reading from January's Stonecoast Alumni Scriptwriting Workshop. Featuring alumni Stacie …

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Community News & Updates December 2020

ANNOUNCEMENTS STONECOAST ALUMNI WINTER 2021 SCRIPTWRITING WORKSHOP: THE NEXT STEP--REHEARSING YOUR SCRIPT! As part of Stonecoast’s offerings at our January 2021 Virtual MFA Residency, alums are invited to sign up for “The Rehearsal Experience” with Stonecoast MFA faculty member and playwright Tom Coash and guest playwright-director Jeni Mahoney---a 3-day workshop with access to the entire winter residency. More information …

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