Stonecoast AWP Attendees

Are you going to AWP? If so, make sure to let us know that you’ll be there so that Stonecoast and the SCAA can keep you up-to-date on events and gatherings during the conference. Please visit the AWP Attendee Form and let us know that you’ll be there. Here’s a list of the people who have already let us know that they will be at AWP.

  • Erin Lyn Bodin
  • Sheila Boneham
  • Emma Bouthillette
  • Kate Cone
  • Anthony D’Aries
  • Jill Day
  • Louis A. Di Leo
  • Annie Finch
  • Gro Flatebo
  • Christin Geall
  • Florence Grende
  • Trevor Gulley
  • Lexa Hillyer
  • Jeff Kass
  • Cynthia Kraack
  • Jeanette Lynes
  • Tara Mantel
  • Ellen Meeropol
  • Janet Passehl
  • James Patrick
  • Mihku Paul
  • Helen Peppe
  • Judith Podell
  • Brenda Sparks Prescott
  • Lisa Romeo
  • Rooze (Yvonne Garcia)
  • Amy Safford
  • Catherine Schmitt
  • Elizabeth Searle
  • Suzanne Strempek Shea
  • Michelle Soucy
  • Felicity Stone
  • kathleen Sullivan
  • Joanne Turnbull
  • Erin Underwood
  • Enza Vescera
  • Kayenta Williams

2 thoughts on “Stonecoast AWP Attendees

  1. I am also presenting at AWP, with a panel I proposed. Very excited about this event with Dr. Lisa Brooks, Michael LeBlanc (my editor) and Cheryl Savageau.
    HOME/LAND: Inner
    Landscapes and Outer Geographies in the work of Native Northeast Poets
    Mihku Paul 2078791371

    Date: Friday, March 8
    Time: 1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.
    Location: Room 305, Hynes Convention Center
    And that’s not all! Elizabeth Searle and I are hosting a reading/masquerade, pajama party on Saturday night, at the suite Rm. 2309, Sheraton Boston. If you want to stay over, you can crash with us and pitch in for the bill, or just come to the party. “Altered Egos” – Come as you are or . . come as someone else. Favorite literary hero (ine) or villain (ess).
    There will be readings, snackage and libations. Door prize for best costume.

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