Stonecoast Community, Please Help if you Can

The family of one of our Stonecoast Community members is in need of your support.

“Our father Daniel Switliski, age 49, was recently diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. He underwent major surgery having his appendix removed, part of his colon, bowels, and bladder. My father has been providing for our family of 7 working non stop all of his life to make sure we were always taken care of. He’d give the shirt off his back even if he couldn’t afford to. Now our whole family is in a desperate financial situation. We have NO household income due to his recent diagnosis of stage 3 colon cancer. He can no longer work now. Medical bills, utilities and rent are necessities we cannot afford. The 3 younger kids (which are minors) and the rest of my family are at a risk of losing the roof over our heads. We are in the process of applying for SSD but as you all probably know it takes several months. We need help.”


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